Benefits of Poetry

Benefits of Teaching Poetry

It’s almost April, and you know what that means: Poetry Month. (And taxes, but Poetry Month is more fun.) While I love poetry month, I am also a big supporter of poetry all year! There are many benefits to reading poetry with your students. Read on to find out what they are: Less intimidating for struggling readers.┬áBecause poems are often […]

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STOP giving kids word lists to memorize!

Before I get into ideas for teaching vocabulary, I want you to think back on your own experiences… Remember when you were cramming for the SAT or GRE and you memorized list after list of words? Yeah. How many of those do you still remember? Probably some of these babies: choleric, felicitous, circumlocution, cacophony, just kidding. I’m sure I knew […]

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6 Reasons to Read Aloud to Your Students EVERYDAY!

Welcome to Part 1 in my series “Read Alouds are Awesome” (as sung to the Lego Movie theme song.) Here’s a simile for all you teachers out there: Reading aloud is like flossing. You know you should do it every day because it has long term┬ábenefits. You feel really good about it when you do it. But sometimes it’s late, […]

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Make a Personal Pocket Chart

This is a simple DIY classroom tool that I learned from a make and take workshop from my district many years ago. It’s something so simple yet so useful, and I made these almost every year. It is an excellent tool to check for understanding after a lesson or reading passage in a way that is more than just a […]

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