Interesting and Unique Facts about Pilgrims!

    Just a quick post today! I always love finding unique and interesting facts. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I decided to post 12 Days of Thanksgiving Facts on my Facebook Page, and I also wanted to share them here with you. These are just some random facts that I came across in my research. I tried to focus on […]

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Games Pilgrims Played…that we still play today!

Pilgrim children spent the majority of their time either in school or doing chores. Factor in church, meals, and sleep, and you can see there was not much time left for playing. Still, they found ways to entertain themselves. Many of the games that pilgrims played are still in existence today, in some form or another. I know for many […]

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More Than a Worksheet Monthly Updates!

I have been busy here at More Than a Worksheet headquarters, aka our spare bedroom. I thought I would share with you some product updates: New products: Florida History Timeline Task Cards These are especially for Florida 4th grade teachers! The 14 timeline cards all include rigorous nonfiction text and a primary source photo or illustration. The topics are straight from […]

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the turkey shot out of the oven…

Are you familiar with this hilarious poem from Jack Prelutsky. “The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven.” Seriously, it’s super funny. I don’t want to get into any copyright trouble, so I can’t post the poem itself, but you can find it easily in his collection of poems called Something Big Has Been Here. The gist of a poem is they’re […]

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candy corn contest–Thanksgiving math, reading, and fun

The Candy Corn Contest by Patricia Reilly Giff This is a cute book, and I remember my third grade teacher reading it aloud to my class oh so many years ago. It lends itself to fun Thanksgiving activities. For Thanksgiving, Ms. Rooney holds a candy corn contest where students get a guess for each page of a library book that […]

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