FREE STEM Resources from Around the Web

  This is a collection of free STEM materials from around the web. The list includes freebies from TpT, blog posts, articles, and helpful websites. Some are my own, and many are from other sources that I have discovered. I hope you find these useful! Bookmark this page because I plan to add more links as I come across them!   […]

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How to Grade STEM Projects

Because STEM engineering projects are by design so open-ended, they can be difficult to grade. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are assessing STEM engineering projects in your classroom: 1. You don’t need to grade everything! It’s true. The learning still happens even if it’s not recorded. I know this doesn’t help you when your principal says you have to […]

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STEM Resource for Primary Grades

Many teachers have asked about STEM resources for the primary grades, kindergarten, first, and second. Most of my experience is with grades 3-5. The little ones scare me a little bit 😉 But, I thought I would compile a collection of STEM and STEAM resources that can be used in the younger grades. I plan to update this list as […]

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How to Introduce S.T.E.M. Expectations

Introducing STEM and Setting Expectations This is something you can begin as early as this first day of school. In fact, I encourage you to try to make room in your busy busy first day for this because it can help set the tone for your year. Students will go home excited about STEM! 1. Introduce Expectations You definitely want to […]

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