Why I ditched my prize box

As a beginning teacher, I knew that it is important to recognize and reward positive behavior, so I adopted a prize box for the same reason I added “Go to the principal’s office” as number 5 on my list of consequences, well, because that’s what my teachers did. Those first few years, I didn’t really put a ton of thought into developing […]

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freebie friday and good character bingo

The world of blogging has opened my eyes to so many resources. For example, I just discovered Freebie Friday hosted by Teaching Blog Addict. Every Friday, teachers post FREE activities. You should definitely check them out. So many activities. This is my first Freebie Friday post ever. Enjoy! This is something I created to try to encourage positive behavior in my […]

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spotlight student

I don’t know about you, I am all about easy in the classroom. Many of my classroom management, behavior, and reward ideas centered around two key words: easy and cheap. You don’t need to spend a ton of time or money to establish great routines that work in your class. For me, Spotlight Student was perfect, and I kept it as […]

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