Family Reading with The Story Box

The Story Box

Those of you who know me well know that I have an addiction to books. I cannot pass up a bookstore, library, or thrift store because I must check out the books! That’s why when I heard about The Story Box, a monthly book subscription service for families, I thought it was brilliant! We got a chance to try out The […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Teaching Poetry to Young Students

Teaching poetry to younger students can be intimidating. Heck, poetry itself is intimidating. I remember being in my college literature courses and being afraid to share my interpretations because, well, what if I’m wrong? That’s the thing about poetry. There’s not necessarily a “right” interpretation, and for teachers, that can be scary because we are supposed to be the ones […]

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8 Interesting Facts About Dr. Seuss

  On March 2, 1904, Theodor Seuss Geisel was born in Massachusetts. You probably know him better as Dr. Seuss. In honor of his birthday today, here are some fascinating facts: Dr. Seuss was disappointed that the reading texts being used in schools were so boring. He knew he could write a more creative book using the same beginning words to help […]

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Wacky Wednesday!

Do you use Dr. Seuss books with your older students?  As a beginning 5th grade teacher, I scoffed at the idea of celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with my almost middle schoolers. Dr. Seuss, after all, writes books for little kids. Books that rhyme. The Cat in the Hat. Green Eggs and Ham. You know what I mean. Well, I am embarrassed to admit […]

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STOP giving kids word lists to memorize!

Before I get into ideas for teaching vocabulary, I want you to think back on your own experiences… Remember when you were cramming for the SAT or GRE and you memorized list after list of words? Yeah. How many of those do you still remember? Probably some of these babies: choleric, felicitous, circumlocution, cacophony, just kidding. I’m sure I knew […]

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