freebie friday and good character bingo

The world of blogging has opened my eyes to so many resources. For example, I just discovered Freebie Friday hosted by Teaching Blog Addict. Every Friday, teachers post FREE activities. You should definitely check them out. So many activities. This is my first Freebie Friday post ever. Enjoy! This is something I created to try to encourage positive behavior in my […]

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spotlight student

I don’t know about you, I am all about easy in the classroom. Many of my classroom management, behavior, and reward ideas centered around two key words: easy and cheap. You don’t need to spend a ton of time or money to establish great routines that work in your class. For me, Spotlight Student was perfect, and I kept it as […]

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class games

I use class games as part of my behavior system. When students spell AWESOME, we play a class game. It provides a nice brain break, too! Here are some of the favorites from my classroom: Heads Up Seven Up Choose seven students to come to the front of the room. Say, “Heads down, thumbs up.” Everyone else puts their heads […]

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AWESOME letters…easy class reward!

This is such a simple way to reward good class behavior. All you need is cut-out letters that spell “awesome” and sticky magnets. The letters in this picture are poster letters from Dollar Tree. If you don’t have cut-out letters, you can simply write the letters on the board as students earn them. I keep the letters in a little […]

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cube of fortune

  The cube of fortune is a fun, simple, and best of all free way to reward students for good behavior. In my class, all students who stay on green or blue all week get to participate. Students who were on yellow, orange, or red may finish work, read, or watch. I made my cube of fortune by printing the […]

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