Easy Haiku Art for the Artistically Challenged Teacher

Easy Haiku Art Ideas

Haiku poetry is one of my favorite forms to teach. I love that haiku poems are able to capture a fleeting moment with a few short words. They are typically about nature, and the imagery in haiku can be incredible. Writing haiku requires so much critical thinking because students must be concise. It is also great for teaching word choice. If […]

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Benefits of Poetry

Benefits of Teaching Poetry

It’s almost April, and you know what that means: Poetry Month. (And taxes, but Poetry Month is more fun.) While I love poetry month, I am also a big supporter of poetry all year! There are many benefits to reading poetry with your students. Read on to find out what they are: Less intimidating for struggling readers. Because poems are often […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Teaching Poetry to Young Students

Teaching poetry to younger students can be intimidating. Heck, poetry itself is intimidating. I remember being in my college literature courses and being afraid to share my interpretations because, well, what if I’m wrong? That’s the thing about poetry. There’s not necessarily a “right” interpretation, and for teachers, that can be scary because we are supposed to be the ones […]

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Seven Winter Poems for Teachers

I always loved to find new poems to share with my students, so I thought I would share with you several that I have come across all about winter. I’m in a winter-y mood because it is 61 degrees here in Florida, and I am FREEZING. I know, I know. But I get a little cranky when I can’t wear […]

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Free Halloween Poetry Game (Grades 3-5)

If you are looking for some last minute Halloween ideas, this is the place to be. I’ve compiled for you some of my favorite Halloween poems from around the web, and I also have a great Halloween poetry freebie to share with you. I’ll start with that 🙂 The Spider and the Ghost of the Fly by Vachel Lindsay I […]

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