The Best STEM Challenge EVER!

STEM Paper Chain

One of my very favorite STEM engineering challenges ever is my paper chain challenge which comes in my Nursery Rhyme STEM pack. (Don’t let “nursery rhyme” fool you; it’s actually for upper elementary!) Read on to find out why this one is my favorite!   Improve Student Learning with a STEM Challenge The thing I love most about STEM engineering challenges […]

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Nonstandard Measurement with Conversation Hearts

Using Conversation Hearts to Teach Nonstandard Measurement Why Teach It? Nonstandard measurement requires abstract thinking and helps students cement the concept of measurement. There are also lots of other concepts that can be touched on including estimation. What To Do: 1. Collect a variety of items from around the classroom. You may even have students use items from their desks […]

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science measurement station

Measurement Station One of my very favorite science tools to have in the classroom is the student balance. There are so many things that you can use it for, and it is a great hands-on way for students to “do,” science and not just read about it. It also helps students grasp measurement concepts in math, and it gives them […]

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math-y monday: math centers part 1

I’ve already told you how much I love doing math projects with my students. I also really love to use math centers. I usually alternate throughout the year between math projects and math centers. Math centers give students hands on practice with math. Students are doing math, not just problems on a page. Math centers are great for reviewing concepts […]

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