Teaching Ordered Pairs and a Fun Groundhog Day Math Game

Teaching Ordered Pairs And now on to ordered pairs. This is a fun math topic. The hardest part for kids was always remembering which way to go first. So I composed this little song to help them remember. Prepare to be wowed. To the tune of “Skip to My Lou” (but the second part where it goes, “Flies in the buttermilk, […]

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math-y monday: multiplication baseball

I’ve always been pretty competitive. To a fault, some say. I like games, and I especially like to win games. As a kid, I always loved playing games at school, especially ones I was good at. One thing that I learned real quick my first year teaching is that not all kids like competition, so I try to tone down […]

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math-y monday: math centers part 1

I’ve already told you how much I love doing math projects with my students. I also really love to use math centers. I usually alternate throughout the year between math projects and math centers. Math centers give students hands on practice with math. Students are doing math, not just problems on a page. Math centers are great for reviewing concepts […]

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math-y monday–how to fit math projects in your already busy schedule

One of the biggest factors when trying something new like math projects is finding the time. There are so many things that we have to do and such little time to do actually do them. I took a good hard look at how I organized my math time realized I had a few teaching habits that were sucking away valuable […]

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