Last Month of School

How to Thrive in the Last Month of School

There is¬†always something in the air during the last month of school. There is the excitement of upcoming summer break. There is the relief of being done with state testing. Kids and teachers alike are a little more antsy. That doesn’t mean you can just put your feet up and pop in a video, though. It is definitely a challenge […]

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math-y monday–how to fit math projects in your already busy schedule

One of the biggest factors when trying something new like math projects is finding the time. There are so many things that we have to do and such little time to do actually do them. I took a good hard look at how I organized my math time realized I had a few teaching habits that were sucking away valuable […]

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math-y monday: math projects part 1

So many times, even when teaching third graders, I have been asked why we need to know math. The truth is math is everywhere in everything we do, but that is hard to explain to an eight-year-old. I tried as much as possible to make math more than just solving practice problems. Math projects are a great way to do […]

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