how to handle the kid who wants to go to the nurse three times a day

When I started kindergarten, the construction on my school wasn’t complete, so we shared a campus with a nearby school. My classroom was in a portable village in the back field of the other school, and to a kindergartener, it might as well have been in the middle of Manhattan. Everything seemed so big and confusing. Because this was back […]

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midweek list: picture books about the Underground Railroad

There are many topics in our history that are difficult to talk about with children. Slavery and the Underground Railroad being two. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be discussed. They need to be discussed, absolutely, and students need to know about all parts of history, even parts that aren’t so nice. When there are topics like this, where I […]

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midweek list: easy ways to connect with students

When I was in the classroom, I would often get very caught up in fitting everything in. Making sure the lessons really hit the standards hard. Making sure I did everything the powers that be said I should do, well mostly. Teaching, planning, grading, e-mails, my head was constantly spinning. It was easy for me to forget why I became […]

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10 student gift ideas for the thrifty teacher

Do you get gifts for your students at Christmas? I like to, but I always run into one little problem. Money. Gifts are expensive, especially if you want to give them something meaningful. Here are some student gift ideas for the thrifty teacher: 1. Candy cane and a homework pass. Who doesn’t love a free homework pass?! And a candy […]

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midweek list: a very Patricia Polacco Christmas

I was never good at all of the cute holiday crafts in my classroom, but one thing I loved about December is the assortment of holiday books to read aloud and enjoy with my students. I tried to read at least one a day. Patricia Polacco is one of my favorite authors for children. Her books are just so real, […]

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