In case you missed National Engineers Week…

Check out these links for National Engineers Week!

I want to share with you a really cool new STEM site that I have been collaborating with: STEM Activities for Kids. It is a collaborative blog effort from some amazing TpT STEM resource creators and teachers. We share creative ideas, tips, and resources for teaching STEM for kids, both at school and at home. You definitely want to check it out […]

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Free Halloween Poetry Game (Grades 3-5)

If you are looking for some last minute Halloween ideas, this is the place to be. I’ve compiled for you some of my favorite Halloween poems from around the web, and I also have a great Halloween poetry freebie to share with you. I’ll start with that 🙂 The Spider and the Ghost of the Fly by Vachel Lindsay I […]

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Teach creatively…even with the textbook!

Textbook. The mere word can provoke eye rolls from both students and teachers. Textbooks are all too often synonymous with: -boring -busy work -answer-the-question-in-complete-sentences-or-else type assignments I agree that textbooks can sometimes be all of the above, but I’m here to tell you, they don’t have to be. Now, this is not a post about how much I love textbooks […]

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Nonstandard Measurement with Conversation Hearts

Using Conversation Hearts to Teach Nonstandard Measurement Why Teach It? Nonstandard measurement requires abstract thinking and helps students cement the concept of measurement. There are also lots of other concepts that can be touched on including estimation. What To Do: 1. Collect a variety of items from around the classroom. You may even have students use items from their desks […]

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Let’s Take a Braincation!

Sometimes we all just need a vacation. Unfortunately, there is this thing called an attendance policy, and oh yeah, a job. So maybe you can’t take a vacation anytime you wish, but why not take a BRAINCATION? That’s right, people, a vacation for your brain. Sometimes referred to as a brain break. I know sometimes it is hard to add […]

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