Hello Poetry Month!

Happy Poetry Month everyone! I like to read and write poetry year round with students, but it is nice to have a month that focuses on it, too. Below are some resources you can use for Poetry Month or really any month. First, here are  some of my favorite Poetry Quotes. Quotes are fun to use and discuss and make a […]

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talk like a leprechaun

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya. Here are some St. Patrick’s Day activities that are more than a worksheet! Enjoy!   Above is a fun list of Irish slang. There are tons of ways you can use it for a quick, easy, and fun way to get kids thinking creatively. Perhaps you can encourage students to use the phrases as […]

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how do you use your pocket chart?

Pocket charts are one of those ubiquitous classroom things. Specifically the large blue ones. More recently, the pretty and colorful Target Dollar Spot mini ones. I even had a big red one from Scholastic. And another smaller red one shaped like an apple. I will admit though that when I first started teaching fifth grade, I really didn’t even know […]

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winter sports, meet science

Let me start off by saying that I have never in my life ice skated and am not sure if I ever will. First off, I grew up in Florida, so there’s not much opportunity. Secondly, I have a hard enough time walking on non-icy surfaces without tripping. Thirdly, ouch. I’ll stick to basketball, thank you very much. However, that’s […]

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the turkey shot out of the oven…

Are you familiar with this hilarious poem from Jack Prelutsky. “The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven.” Seriously, it’s super funny. I don’t want to get into any copyright trouble, so I can’t post the poem itself, but you can find it easily in his collection of poems called Something Big Has Been Here. The gist of a poem is they’re […]

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