Why I ditched my prize box

As a beginning teacher, I knew that it is important to recognize and reward positive behavior, so I adopted a prize box for the same reason I added “Go to the principal’s office” as number 5 on my list of consequences, well, because that’s what my teachers did. Those first few years, I didn’t really put a ton of thought into developing […]

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AWESOME letters…easy class reward!

This is such a simple way to reward good class behavior. All you need is cut-out letters that spell “awesome” and sticky magnets. The letters in this picture are poster letters from Dollar Tree. If you don’t have cut-out letters, you can simply write the letters on the board as students earn them. I keep the letters in a little […]

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free and unique class rewards

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to classroom things, I am a fan of simple, and effective when it comes to my behavior plan, and I don’t want to break the bank, either! While I believe strongly in the motivation of intrinsic awards and praise, I do like to recognize and acknowledge good behavior. I tried a prize […]

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