migrate…hibernate…a simple science game to get your students moving!

You’ve played red-light green light, right? This is a science version of the game to teach the vocabulary terms “migrate” and “hibernate.” When you say migrate, students move. You can have them flap their wings since we commonly associate migration with birds and butterflies. When you say hibernate, they crouch down and sleep. You could play outside if you have […]

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Fairy Tale STEM Pictures

OK, I finally got my Fairy Tale STEM bundle updated with pictures. Here are some pics if you’re looking for ideas! Jack and the Beanstalk: Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Little Red Riding Hood: Gingerbread Man: Rapunzel: Hansel and Gretel: Little Red Hen: Cinderella: The Three Billy Goats Gruff: The Three Little Pigs: Visit my TPT store for some more STEM […]

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What is a Scientist?

At the beginning of each year, we would begin science with a unit on “What is a Scientist?” Here is a simple anchor chart that you can use.   Anchor charts are an important learning tool and should be more than just a decoration in your classroom. To make the most of anchor charts like this, it is important to: […]

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Let’s Take a Braincation!

Sometimes we all just need a vacation. Unfortunately, there is this thing called an attendance policy, and oh yeah, a job. So maybe you can’t take a vacation anytime you wish, but why not take a BRAINCATION? That’s right, people, a vacation for your brain. Sometimes referred to as a brain break. I know sometimes it is hard to add […]

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More Dr. Seuss for Big Kids Fun

Still looking for some upper elementary activities to use to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday? Pull out your pile of Dr. Seuss books and have your students work on one of these scavenger hunts that will make them think! These are simple activities where students scour Dr. Seuss books to find different things that start with each letter of the alphabet. […]

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