AWESOME letters…easy class reward!

This is such a simple way to reward good class behavior. All you need is cut-out letters that spell “awesome” and sticky magnets. The letters in this picture are poster letters from Dollar Tree. If you don’t have cut-out letters, you can simply write the letters on the board as students earn them. I keep the letters in a little […]

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cube of fortune

  The cube of fortune is a fun, simple, and best of all free way to reward students for good behavior. In my class, all students who stay on green or blue all week get to participate. Students who were on yellow, orange, or red may finish work, read, or watch. I made my cube of fortune by printing the […]

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free and unique class rewards

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to classroom things, I am a fan of simple, and effective when it comes to my behavior plan, and I don’t want to break the bank, either! While I believe strongly in the motivation of intrinsic awards and praise, I do like to recognize and acknowledge good behavior. I tried a prize […]

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behavior blocks

I tried many different systems for implementing behavior, but the system that worked the best for me was behavior blocks. I can’t claim that I came up with this great idea though. One of my husband’s friends came to visit during spring break. He is now a special education teacher in New Jersey. So of course, being teachers, we can’t […]

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the principal’s office?

Where there are rules, there are consequences. At least, that’s the case in the classroom. As a kid, the number five consequence was always ‘go to the principal’s office.’ And what a terrifying prospect that was. I remember in first grade, a boy in my class named Andy got sent to the principal’s office. I don’t remember why, but I […]

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