Make a Personal Pocket Chart

This is a simple DIY classroom tool that I learned from a make and take workshop from my district many years ago. It’s something so simple yet so useful, and I made these almost every year. It is an excellent tool to check for understanding after a lesson or reading passage in a way that is more than just a […]

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Jack and the Parachute in Pictures

Many people have been asking for pictures to go with the Fairy Tale STEM projects, so I will start with Jack and the Parachute, since that is a freebie. Download it here.  Oh no! Jack has done it again. He can’t resist magic beans, and he is once again being pursued by the giant. The giant, having learned from past mistakes, […]

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Build Your STEM Kits at Dollar Tree

STEM engineering projects are engaging, and they encourage students to think critically. One of the challenges for teachers, though, is that they often require materials that probably aren’t on the supply list. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do with items found at Dollar Tree or other discount stores. Check out the cornucopia of STEM goodness that I picked […]

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candy corn contest–Thanksgiving math, reading, and fun

The Candy Corn Contest by Patricia Reilly Giff This is a cute book, and I remember my third grade teacher reading it aloud to my class oh so many years ago. It lends itself to fun Thanksgiving activities. For Thanksgiving, Ms. Rooney holds a candy corn contest where students get a guess for each page of a library book that […]

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reading doesn’t always mean chapter books and Freebie Friday!

One thing I always like to stress in my classroom is that reading doesn’t always mean chapter books. I think about myself. Yes, I can comprehend Shakespeare, and with a little help from Spark’s Notes I got a great big B in college Shakespeare. I love to read, and I read all the time. Well I used to before I […]

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