the principal’s office?

Where there are rules, there are consequences. At least, that’s the case in the classroom. As a kid, the number five consequence was always ‘go to the principal’s office.’ And what a terrifying prospect that was. I remember in first grade, a boy in my class named Andy got sent to the principal’s office. I don’t remember why, but I […]

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ten things I miss about teaching

10. The challenge! You think teaching is easy? Try getting 18+ little independent minds not just sitting but engaged in thoughtful lessons while working around picture day, fire drills, and random assemblies. Fundraisers, candy grams, guest speakers. Not to mention bathroom breaks, tummy aches, and occasional interruptive spiders. And no matter how old they are, when it rains at school, […]

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why I became a teacher

Ok so, the markers are not the¬†only¬†reason I became a teacher, but I’m pretty sure they influenced my decision. I remember my fourth grade teacher Ms. Wirth using these markers on charts and different things in the classroom. And the smell. Oh the smell. Especially the delicious orange one that smelled just like tic-tacs. Me and all twenty-eight (class size […]

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