December Teacher Wisdom

Happy December Everyone! Here is some December Teacher Wisdom to help you through! Something Old Here is a Winter Break reading challenge to pass out before you leave for break. It’s a simple and fun way to encourage reading over break without assigning traditional homework or projects. Click the image to grab it free from my TpT store. Something New […]

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Funny Friday–Teacher Tweets

I don’t know if you’ve ever see the Funniest Parenting Tweets that HuffPost publishes each week. I look forward to a new post each week. They are hilarious. I tried searching to see if anyone has a similar list for teachers, and I couldn’t find one, so I rounded some up myself. Here are some funny teacher tweets from the past […]

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10 Reasons to Use Jokes in the Classroom

When I was a kid, I loved the 101 joke books that you could usually get for $1 from the Scholastic Book Order. Tell me I’m not the only one! Actually, I’m pretty sure I had this exact one, and I thought I was quite the sleuth when I “uncovered” the fact that the author Jovial Bob Stine was none […]

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Teacher Wisdom: Student Engagement

Happy November Everyone! You survived Halloween week with a full moon; you can do anything! It’s that time of the year when the newness of the school year has worn off, and now students are getting antsy because there is a big break coming up. How do you keep students engaged and maintain momentum? Here are some tips I’ve collected: […]

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