eyes in the back of the head?

This one goes out to all the students out there who think that just because a teacher is in front of the classroom, she can’t see what you are doing at your desk: When you put your head down and sneak a snack from your desk. We see. When you are playing with little eraser statues in your desk. We see. […]

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the fifth grader who meowed

  Here’s one to add to the “things they didn’t teach me in college” file. It was the first day of my second year teaching.  I was abounding with the confidence of having survived my first year and was thrilled when my new fifth graders came pouring into my portable. The students, still in first day honeymoon mode, were quiet […]

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ten things I miss about teaching

10. The challenge! You think teaching is easy? Try getting 18+ little independent minds not just sitting but engaged in thoughtful lessons while working around picture day, fire drills, and random assemblies. Fundraisers, candy grams, guest speakers. Not to mention bathroom breaks, tummy aches, and occasional interruptive spiders. And no matter how old they are, when it rains at school, […]

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