End of the Year: Teach the Teacher Day

One of my favorite end of the year activities that I did with third graders was Teach the Teacher Day. I usually planned it for one of the last days of school, but not THE last day. Each student gets to teach a lesson of his or her choice. It can be about anything!

Teach the Teacher Day: My favorite end of the year activity!

It was so fun because you really get a glimpse into each student’s personality. I had one girl bring in a karaoke machine and teach us how to sing a song. One student taught us how to make no bake cheesecake, and she made enough for everyone! One student taught us how to draw Manga. He literally led the class in a drawing lesson, and the rest of the class was so excited with their final drawing. Some students would teach us languages, lessons about their heritage, karate moves, and so many other fun and interesting things.

As teacher, we learn so much from our students everyday, but on Teach the Teacher Day, I was always amazed at how much they had to teach me.

You can grab the lesson plan template for students FREE! Just click the image below to visit my store: 

Teach the Teacher Day

It’s so simple: 

I would give students about 2 weeks to prepare their lessons. Just pass out the lesson plan template. Then, I would encourage them each day to practice their lessons. Then, set aside one of your last days, and let them teach.

Critical Thinking

There really is a lot of critical thinking involved in planning a lesson. (Preaching to the choir, I know). Students have to plan step by step how they will present the material, and write down the steps.


You could grade the presentation. This makes a great language arts grade for speaking and listening skills. You could also grade the lesson plan. I just added a rubric that you can use, too! (It’s included in the file.)

Teach the Teacher Day Speaking and Listening Rubric


I had students include a multiple choice question. One year, I was on top of my game, and I typed them up ahead of time to make a class test. They LOVED seeing their question typed up like a test. I even took the test with them and let them grade me.


As they were presenting, I jotted down specific notes to myself and then later wrote each student an individual note about their presentation. They really appreciated it. I could tell because I would catch them re-reading the notes throughout the day. You could also have students write notes to each other on index cards or give them a time to praise each other.


This is my favorite end of the year activity. I hope you love it, too! If you are looking for some resources to promote summer learning, I have those in my store also!

Summer Learning Resources

I would love to hear how it goes or see pics if you try Teach the Teacher Day or other More Than a Worksheet lessons in your classroom! Feel free to email me at sarah@morethanaworksheet.com or tag me @morethanaworksheet on Instagram!

Happy Teaching!



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  • Elena

    I am looking forward to using this product. I told my students about their teaching task today and they were very excited! I am sending the form home later this week, but was planning on creating a rubric to go with it. Do you happen to have one that is already created?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hannah K

    I used to do the same thing with my middle school ELA class and they loved it! I found that it was the best way to review what they learned in the year. Kids learn the best when they are teaching others how to do something. 🙂

  • Kristy Young

    This is a great idea. Why don’t you do it on the last day?

    • swigginsfl@yahoo.com

      Usually, we are just packing up the classroom, cleaning desks, etc… on the last day. And often, several kids are absent or go home early. Plus, if I’m using it for a grade, I do not want to grade anything on the last day 🙂

  • Hannah

    What grade level do you usually do this with?? I want to try it with my firsties but I’m not sure if it would be too much for them. Thanks!!

    • swigginsfl@yahoo.com

      I did it with 3rd graders. I don’t have a lot of experience with the little ones, but I think they could probably do a simplified version of it.

  • Jessica McCullough

    Have you though about using google docs to create this great assignment? I teach online but love to do assignments like this. The only thing I am not able to print and give this to students. Giving them the google doc of this would be great though.
    Just wondering. I love this idea! I just might have to do something similar. Thank you for sharing this great idea!!

    • swigginsfl@yahoo.com

      Yes, I’ve thought about it. I honestly do not even know where to begin. I haven’t used Google docs with a classroom before, and I know I need to just jump in and figure it out, but I haven’t yet. Maybe a summer project!

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