Last Minute Earth Day Ideas

Last Minute Earth Day Ideas from More Than a Worksheet

Earth Day is tomorrow, and since I am a Type B, last minute, sometimes forgetful, spur of the moment planner, I thought I’d share a list of Earth Day activities in case you are like me!

  1. Paper Towel Campaign. Have students create posters and commercials to encourage others to not waste so many paper towels in the bathroom.
  2. Recycling Plan. Have students create a recycling plan for your class or school.
  3. Upcycle. Brainstorm a list of ways that students can reuse old items from home. For instance, an old coffee table can become a train table. Old shirts can become costumes.
  4. Toys from Trash. Have students use recyclable materials to create a toy or other invention. Then Shark Tank it and have students pitch their invention to the class.
  5. Earth Day Poetry. Write a poem about the Earth, maybe even a haiku?!
  6. Creative Writing. Imagine a world where people do not take care of the earth. Pretend to travel in time to 100 years from now. What is it like? What would you come back and tell people today?
  7. Poster Contest. Have students design a poster about recycling or conservation. Hang them up around the school. Vote on the poster that sends the best message.

Additional Resources: 

Here are a couple of my favorite lessons about conservation. These take a little bit more preparation and planning, though.

Who Polluted the River? (free) An interactive story about pollution. Each student is part of the story. Scroll down on the page to get to the free pdf file that includes the story.

Cookie Mining (free) In this lesson from Earth Sci Week, students will mine the chocolate chips out of cookies. They must adhere to a budget for materials, too.

Earth Day Math Task Cards ($) Students will use statistics about recycling and energy to solve math problems using fractions, multiplication, and more.

How will you celebrate Earth Day with your students? 


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