Wacky Wednesday!

Do you use Dr. Seuss books with your older students? 

As a beginning 5th grade teacher, I scoffed at the idea of celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with my almost middle schoolers. Dr. Seuss, after all, writes books for little kids. Books that rhyme. The Cat in the Hat. Green Eggs and Ham. You know what I mean.

Well, I am embarrassed to admit that at that point in my teaching career, I clearly had not read enough Dr. Seuss! A wiser and much older me realizes that Dr. Seuss is a brilliantly gifted and creative writer who composes imaginative books for kids of all ages, including grown up kids!

If you are looking for a fun way to honor the good doctor with your older elementary students, his birthday actually falls on a Wednesday this year! It would be the perfect day to read Wacky Wednesday!

Wacky Wednesday for Older Students

If you haven’t read Wacky Wednesday yet, it is a fun book where students are asked to find the different wacky things on each page. Like a shoe on the wall that shouldn’t be there at all.  It really is a lot of fun. It’s like an old version of “I Spy.”

Word of Caution!

Let me caution you, though, there is a page where you can see a naked cartoon character. It’s sort of like when we were kids and we would find and circle the bad words in the dictionary at school. (I know I’m not the only one who did that!)

Wacky Wednesday

If you want to take it a bit further, here are some fun ways that you can celebrate Wacky Wednesday in your classroom on Dr. Seuss’s birthday or even throughout the month of March.

Wacky Wednesday Fun Classroom Ideas

-hang a shoe on the wall

-write the date upside down

-write the wrong year when you write the date on the board

-move things around on your desk

-hang a poster upside down

-hang the clock upside down

-tell students to turn to a page that isn’t in the book

-have students turn their notebooks upside down to write

-have students write their names with their wrong hand

-speak with a silly accent and act surprised when they notice

-say “good evening” instead of “good morning”

-hold your teacher manual upside down while you teach

-replace a computer mouse with a toy mouse

-wear your id badge on your back

-wear two different shoes


Are you going to celebrate Wacky Wednesday in YOUR classroom?


Happy Teaching!



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