how many ways can you make 100? and other hundredth day fun

100th day of school

Here is an easy math idea for the 100th day of school, or any day really. I actually started this on the first day one year and used it as a math warm-up with 3rd graders. Each day, we would find as many ways as possible to make that number. I think that was the only year I actually kept up with a school day count, but it really was a simple and quick activity that makes them think and requires no preparation.

I just had students do this in their math journal. Give students 3-5 minutes to come up with as many as possible. At first, students would write down one or two, and say, “I’m done.” To which I would reply, “No you’re not.” Clever huh? But that was the only rule, as long as there is time to think, you keep thinking. (The 3-5 minutes helped me gather the stuff and materials we needed for the math lesson.) Then I would call on volunteers to put examples on the board/chart/Smartboard. I would always stress finding the most unique and different possibilities that no one else came up with. They loved the challenge. It’s very open-ended.

Since the 100th day is coming up, why not see how many ways you can make 100?

And if you’re looking for more simple, little-to-no prep activities that make students use their brains for the 100th day.  Here are some ideas. 100 ideas to be exact, and they are all geared toward upper elementary. (This is the kind of thing I do while my husband watches wrestling.)

Literacy (Reading, Writing, Language)

1. Read 100 books (work together as a class, and have an AR reading marathon.)

2. Read 100 minutes (broken up throughout the day).

3. Read out loud for 100 seconds.

4. List 100 nouns.

5. List 100 verbs.

6. List 100 adjectives.

7. List 100 compound words.

8. List 100 words that start with…

9. List 100 pairs of rhyming words.

10. List 100 3-syllable words.

11. List 100 examples of figurative language (similes, onomatopoeia, etc.…)

12. Write a paragraph that is exactly 100 words.

13. Write a poem that is exactly 100 words.

14. Write a sentence that contains exactly 100 letters.

15. Make as many words as possible out of the letters in “The Hundredth Day of School”

16. Write a story about what the world will be like 100 years from now.

17. Write about what you would do with $100.

18. Write and present a 100 second speech.

19. Write about what you would do if it were 100 degrees outside.

20. List 100 authors.

21. Write the beginning of a story for 100 seconds, pass to the next person to continue for 100 seconds, and keep passing.

22. Write a thank you letter to someone that is exactly 100 words.

23. Write a story about having 100 students in your class.


24. List 100 math vocabulary words.

25. Solve 100 multiplication (or addition, subtraction, etc.…) problems.

26. Measure 100 items with a ruler.

27. Measure 100 inches (centimeters, feet, etc.…)

28. Draw 100 fractions.

29. Find 100 geometric shapes.

30. Measure 100 angles using a protractor.

31. Measure a 100-degree angle.

32. Determine how many hours (minutes, seconds) are in 100 days.

33. Use graph paper to draw a figure with a perimeter of 100 square units.

34. Use graph paper to draw a figure with an area of 100 square units.

35. Find a group of people in your class whose ages add up to 100.


36. List 100 science vocabulary words.

37. Observe 100 items with a magnifying glass.

38. Collect 100 rocks.

39. List 100 scientists.

40. Measure the mass of 100 different items.

41. Measure 100mL of water.

42. Create a structure using 100 cups (straws, noodles, etc.…)

43. List 100 invertebrates.

44. List 100 things that are made from the elements on the periodic table.

45. List 100 solids.

46. List 100 liquids.

47. List 100 gases.

48. List 100 living or nonliving things in the desert habitat.

49. List 100 living or nonliving things in the ocean or beach habitat.

50. List 100 living or nonliving things in the arctic.

51. List 100 examples of energy.

52. List 100 things you could observe with a microscope.

53. List 100 simple machines.

Social Studies (Using reference books & textbooks is ok!)

54. List 100 important social studies words.

55. List 100 influential people in history.

56. List 100 cities.

57. List 100 countries.

58. List 100 landmarks.

59. List 100 rivers.

60. List 100 natural resources.

61. List 100 historical symbols.

62. Find 100 degrees latitude on the map.

63. Find 100 degrees longitude on the map.

64. List 100 influential inventions.


65. Do 20 each of jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, lunges, squats

66. Sprint for 100 seconds.

67. Run 100 yards (feet, meters, etc.…)

68. Count how many jumping jacks you can do in 100 seconds.

69. Throw a ball with a partner 100 times.

70. Dance for 100 seconds.

71. March in place for 100 seconds.

72. Do 20 of each (skip, hop, baby step, giant step, backward step).

73. Do 20 of each (shoulder shrugs, arm circles, neck circles, toe touches, torso twists).

74. Wiggle for 100 seconds.

75. Pretend to be a statue for 100 seconds.

Other/Just for Fun

76. Design an alien with 100 eyes.

77. List 100 foods.

78. List 100 ice cream flavors (real or fictional).

79. List 100 animals.

80. List 100 things that grow.

81. List 100 vehicles.

82. List 100 toys.

83. List 100 songs.

84. List 100 things that people can wear.

85. Draw different insects & spiders that add up to exactly 100 legs.

86. Name 100 fictional characters from books, TV, movies, etc.…

87. Think of 100 ways to greet someone with or without words.

88. Write things you would not want to have 100 of.

89. Create a picture using exactly 100 toothpicks.

90. List 100 words of praise.

91. List 100 things you would change if you were the teacher.

92. List 100 things you can think of that are at your house.

93. List 100 gifts you would not want to receive.

94. Fill up a bottle with 100 items.

95. Draw a 100-legged creature.

96. Eat 100 pieces of popcorn (crackers, cheerios, etc.…)

97. What would you make if you had to make dinner for 100 people?

98. Tell how your life would be different if you were 100 inches tall.

99. Tell how your life would be different if you were 100 millimeters tall.

100. If you had 100 seconds in a toy store to load anything you wanted into a shopping cart, and you got to keep it, what would you grab?

And for those of you up north, stay warm!!!


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